Personality Development

Our School song was written by a friend who was a well-known Hindi poet. In the course of discussions, I was describing to him the philosophy of the school and he wrote the lyrics. Our Music teacher turned it into a song.

खुले रूप से बहती रहती जहाँ ज्ञान कि धरा है!

सबसे प्यारा, सबसे न्यारा, यह विद्यालय हमारा है!

  • Learning is free flowing, without boundaries.
  • Teachers are not limited by text books and curricula.
  • We use the environment as a supplement.
  • Even alphabets, words and sentences are taught using the Whole Language method. We use empty wrappers, blackboard writing and a lot of story telling to develop a feel for the languages.
  • Maths activities include selling stuff to the kabaadi waala, shopping for fruits and calculating the cost, cooking, circle games for learning tables, etc.
  • Project displays are the high point of the school year. Children decide what they want to work on and how. They plan and implement from scratch and everything is done in school. The displays are highly interactive and innovative.
  • We follow the कबाड़ से जुगाड़ methodology at all times, and recycle everything possible.

अच्छी आदत, सही सोंच के साथ यहाँ हम पढ़ते हैं,

सही गलत का भेद सीखते, हाथ मिला कर चलते हैं,

  • We talk to children a lot, even something like why they should be punctual.
  • In my Principal's period, we discuss a variety of things which I believe will show the way to becoming good human beings. Like for example, there is a mentally unstable girl living in the neighbourhood. I saw some people on the road teasing her, so we talked about her one day with Class VI.
  • The emphasis is on building character.
  • Collaboration is encouraged. Children always work in teams.

मन पसंद कामों के द्वारा नयी दिशाएँ मिलती हैं,

एक बनें और नेक बनें का पाठ यहाँ हम पढ़ते हैं!

  • Variety of activities so that there is something that each child really enjoys doing
  • Sense of discovery then begins


हम सब की अच्छी प्रतिभा को, जिसने सदा निखारा है,

सबसे प्यारा, सबसे न्यारा, यह विद्यालय हमारा है!


मिल-जुल कर हम सभी मनाते पर्व और त्यौहारों को,

उद्देश्यों का कर्म समझते, सुन्दरतम व्यवहारों को,

  • We celebrate all the important festivals with children presenting skits, songs and dances
  • Talk about religion and tolerance in small groups


गीत, नृत्य, संगीत हमेश चुस्त दुरुस्त बनाता है,

सामूहिकता से बल मिलता, नए-नए उद्गारों को,

  • Music, dance, drama and sports activities form an integral part of the curriculum


नया-नया करते रहने का मिलता जहाँ सहारा है,

सबसे प्यारा, सबसे न्यारा, यह विद्यालय हमारा है!

  • Teachers and students are free to suggest ideas, experiment and express themselves freely.
  • Encouragement to independent thinking


शिक्षक, अभिभावक, बच्चों में यहाँ परस्पर बनती है,

स्वयं सीखने और सिखाने की विधि चलती रहती है,

  • We have a free flowing relationship with our parents. They are encouraged to visit the school, meet the teachers, suggest ideas, join us on outings...


और जानने की दिलचस्पी सब में बढती रहती है,

अच्छे से अच्छा करने को अन्दर से रूचि जगती है!

  • The comparison is never between children. The objective is always to try and improve upon your earlier best.
  • No exams till Class III. Report Cards are descriptive.
  • Even after Class III, no rankings. Marks are given, along with the highest obtained by anyone in the class.
  • I do Goal-setting activities with the senior students


देश प्रेम, सदभाव, एकता का संकल्प हमारा है,

सबसे प्यारा, सबसे न्यारा, यह विद्यालय हमारा है!


Some more random points that come to mind-

  • Most importantly, a lot of love and concern shown by the teacher to every child
  • Reinforce ownership - of class / school property. Children are in charge of handling all the cupboards and material.
  • Answers to questions are never dictated or written on the blackboard. Children from other schools find this very difficult to handle. Our children have a far greater command over both languages and are able to express themselves way more creatively
  • Listening to children
  • Build on the strengths of each child to enhance self-esteem
  • Everything is based on कबाड़ से जुगाड़ We even make our own props and costumes (using card board, coloured paper, etc.)