Aditi Pandya

All earthworms, lizards, beetles and wrigglies of the world, beware of her scalpely instincts. Champion softboard designer too.

Alka Pandya

The past, present and future are putty in her experienced hands, as she specialises in the teaching of English

Anjula Shukla

Nursery class ki mamma, always on her toes with a large hanky and a larger smile

Aparna Jaiman

She's Special and she's an Educator. Always ready to take on Project Next; the more adventurous the better!

Archana Bahuguna

With punctuality being her hallmark, she takes care of the transition between Pre Primary and Junior School. Teaches Hindi and Maths.


The go-to person for everything. Ready to take on any challenge, innovation in teaching English is her current mantra

Neha Kaul

Madame with the golden brush, she also has a very crafty touch

Neha Khan

Faced with the huge challenge of introducing English, an alien language, to the RTE students, has done a great job

Pooja Singh

Made her presence felt quietly, in the remarkable progress her students made as a result of the after school classes

Poonam Tandon

Steadily won the hearts and trust of her students in the day boarding

Priyanka Saigal

We turned the artist in her to turn around children needing special support. Now teaches Maths too.

Purnima Agarwal

Champion organiser, a veteran in drilling and keeping her class on their toes, making sure everyone keeps pace

Reenu Srivastava

Velocity, motion and momentum are the magic words that keep her on the move.

Sameen Haider

The youngest and most gentle, she's here, there, everywhere, looking after the Admin work. Chota packet bada dhamaal!

Shalini Singh

Everything that she touches turns into an experiment in Science, or Maths, or Geography!

Shruti Agarwal

The computer wiz, she's the go-to person for everything connected with IT  

Swastika Nag

Ready with her artistic leaf paintings, currently taking care of the Preppies 

Veena Bose

The newest member of the KK family, a storehouse of patience and energy in Upper Prep.