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Children are blessed with abundant imagination, which only needs to be given the space to blossom and grow. Nurtured appropriately, the results are astounding. We present here, our young artists, story tellers, poets and more!


  कहाँ गया वो बसंत

कहाँ गया वो हँसता गाता बसंत,
कहाँ हैं वो फूलों की खिलती कलियाँ,
कहाँ गाती हैं वह कोयल मतवाली,
जिसके संग झूमे है हर डाली,
कहाँ जाकर सुनूँ मैं भौंरों का वो गाना,
बन न जाए बसंत कहीं एक फसाना।

इस बढते प्रदूषण में,
हो गया है बसंत कहीं  गुम,
स्वार्थी होकर प्रकृति को नष्ट कर रहे हैं हम,
जब नहीं रहेगी घरती माँ अपनी,
किसकी गोद में सोएंगे हम।

सुधर जाओ ए बुद्धिहीन मानव,
जीवन की नाव डुबा न दे,
तुम्हारे अंदर बैठा ये दानव,

इरम कहकशां
कक्षा 7





A teacher is like a flower

Polite and calm,

Cares and protects us from harm

Fresh and lively,

Makes our face smiley.

A teacher is like a honey-bee

Busy and hard-working,

Also always helping

From children she draws out talent,

To build up their confidence.

A teacher is like a tree

A helpful guide, she encourages and nurtures,

Gives knowledge to every creature.

A teacher is like a sun

Tells methods crisp and clear

Creates a happy atmosphere

She listens to our problems

And helps us think of solutions many,

Brightening every child’s future.

A teacher is like hard rock

Wise and determined,

And also very kind

Tries to make sharp our mind.

A teacher is like a mountain

Thinks graceful and high

Encourages us to be a helpful,

Good humans and grateful.

A teacher is like a river

Teaches us discipline and manners,

Makes us a ‘Winner’

She spreads knowledge

Like the wind she always blows

Without rest or comfort she goes on and on

A teacher is like a bird

Who teaches her pupils to fly

She wants them all to touch the sky

  • Anurag Pratap Singh, Class VI